Self love is your superpower

Dear friend,

Do you feel the love today?

I hope so.

But not in a glitter infused, chocolate induced, rainbows and unicorns, in your face, kind of way. It’s just another Thursday after all. Probably just like any other of your days.

You woke up, brushed your teeth, drank the coffee, drove to work, sat in the chair, answered the phone, went to the meeting, chit chatted.

And now it’s raining. And maybe you’re feeling lonely. Or sad. Or just kind of in a funk. You’re maybe tired because you’ve been loving other people oh so well. Maybe you have someone to call Valentine. Maybe you don’t.

Wherever you are, I hope you feel the love, the love that’s burning within yourself.

Here’s a truth: you owe yourself the love you so freely give to others. And not just the self care mantras of candles, bubble baths, a massage and a facial. I mean the kind of love you’ll sweat for, work for, sacrifice for, strategize for - that’s the kind of love I hope you give yourself. Loving yourself shouldn’t be contained to vacation days or a “treat yo self” splurge, but should permeate into your every waking and dreaming moment. Self-love should saturate your soul.

Woah, slow down Kim. Easier said than done. Especially on Valentine’s Day - when love is made out to be so easy, so pretty, so shiny, so glamorous. Ha! Love is hard. Love is work. We live in a broken world afterall, and it’s easy to not feel loved, not give love, to come to dislike yourself. I get it. I’ve been there. We all have.

Today and every day, I encourage you to work on being in love with the person in the mirror, who has been through so much and is still standing. Self-love is a superpower. Know that you are so very strong. Trust the body that carries you through this world. People will come and go in our lives and won’t always be able to give you the love you deserve. Only you, can fill up your own internal love tank.

You are your own one true Valentine. Celebrate that. Today and every day.

Consider yourself hugged. Know that I’m cheering you on.

Love always,


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Self love is your superpower