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My name is Kim. Thank you for being here!

As a wedding planner, I think one of my most important responsibilities is simply celebrating others and doing so with exuberance and intention.

My goal is to work with couples who care more about their marriage and changing the world together, than a one day party or a fancy affair.

Yes, your wedding day is important, and such an incredible opportunity and privilege, but your marriage is even more so.

I am truly passionate about creating one of a kind, intentional moments and beautifully crafted days to launch couples into meaningful marriages.


Kim and Crew is a boutique wedding design and coordination company focused on loving other people and celebrating the incredible bond between two soulmates. Myself and my team craft events that are eco conscious, sustainable and make the world a better place.

When you hire Kim and Crew, you’re surrounding yourself with a team of trusted confidants, experienced advocates, and friendly helpers. 


I’ve worked in the Southern California wedding industry for over five years. My education and early career is in journalism and storytelling. I’m an expert at helping others discover the “why” in both big vision and minute details, curating wedding days that are truly purposeful and one of a kind.

I strive to offer my clients a space to laugh, smile, feel inspired, connect with their future spouse on an even deeper level, and, of course, dance and celebrate to their heart’s content.


 “At the end of the day, your feet should be dirty, your hair messy, and your eyes sparkling.”
- Shanti Devi

Wedding Design

“Together is a wonderful place.”

Imagine a day, filled with all of your favorite things, together with your favorite people, celebrating the next steps of the rest of your life.

Wow, what an amazing collection of moments a wedding day is! Let’s get together and plan something magical, purposeful and for the record books.

I’m here for you, cheering you on every step of the way.

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Kim and Crew Manifesto


We believe that having a wedding is a privilege and that marriage should be celebrated each and every day. 

We believe in honoring heritage and tradition while creating foundations for future stories. 

We believe that life transitions needn’t be scary, rather opportunities to realign our values with actions and plans. 

We believe in creating balance between hustle and rest - working hard to execute every extravagant plan, while seeking time to savor each beautiful detail. 

We believe that personal, thoughtful and fun beat trendy, overindulgent or competitive, every time. 

We believe that dollars best spent are those that empower, protect and champion the earth and those around us. 

We believe that weddings are important but that creating a meaningful foundation for marriage is even more so. 

We believe that union with another person should be considered sacred and taken seriously but also approached with lots of grace, laughter and silliness. 

We believe that celebrations and true hospitality can cure loneliness, division, fatigue and even fear. 

We believe that everyone is deserving and worthy of love and that this love is the greatest power of them all. 

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